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“Gustavo” Realistic Grogu |TeaArtistry

“Gustavo” Realistic Grogu |TeaArtistry

About this doll:

Realistic Grogu is made using the Mattel doll, through thin paint layers upon layers. This baby is the most realistic baby to how we see Grogu on screen. Complete with all of the details, and hair - Grogu is ready to complete your galactic family.

The doll pictured

Created by Tambri of TeaArtistry

This doll was created using the 2020 Mattel "The Child" doll

The doll has been uniquely customized by the artist through utilization of heat set paints.

The painting on the doll has been sealed to preserve the dolls color.

Parts include: head, hands, body

This yoda doll has brown eyes!

This doll has hand rooted hair, sealed twice on the inside to prevent fall out.

This baby can be weighted via the “add weight” option available on the website

Included in sale -

- Yoda doll, original body

- Outfit

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